‘Life is better at the beach’


Everyone loves the beach. That feeling of hot sand stuck in your flip flops or sandals, which is extremely annoying yet we wouldn’t trade the feeling for the world.

Another feeling we wouldn’t trade is running into the waves, feeling the cold salty water engulfing our feet. There’s just something about looking out into sea. Like it’s calling you almost, beckoning you to run into it. Yet, there is also something completely terrifying and humbling about it; looking out into that big blue mass just realising how insignificant you really are.

So, why am I rambling on about beaches? If you thought this post was going to be some sort of guide to the best beaches or beach hacks, sorry to disappoint. It’s just whenever I think of the place I’m going to tell you about now, all I can associate with it, is beaches. Literally. That’s all there is.

Instead of starting out with the negative views on how Fuerteventura is a desolate windy mars like land, I thought I would start with some positivity.

So, some history on this Mars like island, Fuerteventura is apart of the Canary Islands, it is the second largest situated in the Atlantic Ocean 100km off the north coast of Africa. So, as you can imagine it has a constant warm climate, however, this is accompanied by strong winds due to it being an island.

In my own humble opinion, I didn’t mind the wind; it certainly provided relief from the heat and also, creates some large waves so if you’re into surfing, windsurfing or any sort of water sport, then Fuerteventura could actually be a great destination for you. That is, ofcourse, if literally all you want to do is engage in watersports.

My expectations were perhaps a little too high for such a typical holiday destination, but one thing I always look for in a place is culture. 

Sadly, Fuerteventura was probably the least cultured place I’ve ever been; there is an ample lack of markets or historic sites anywhere. It seemed to be that the whole island is just used for tourism which is a real shame to me. A place without culture seems to be a place without meaning or passion.

Furthermore, what exactly do I mean by a ‘mars island?’ Well, on the plane looking down, I honestly thought I had flown there. Obviously since Fuerteventura is a volcanic island, it’s bound to have mountains. However, that’s all it has. 


Once again, this really was not for me as firstly, getting lost in the middle of dusty mountains and never ending twisting roads feeling like you’re in a desert is not the most pleasant experience ( which yes, did happen, but perhaps we’ll leave that story for another day) and secondly, it’s not really the most scenic site. And saying this is a lot for me considering I’m a geographer, aka mountain and volcano enthusiast. But sometimes you just want to see other types of environment too, such as greenery or forests. However, if you’re really into hiking mountains then once again, perhaps this is the destination for you!

One thing I would certainly recommend doing here would be taking a boat trip. I went on a caturmuran which I found very enjoyable; I managed to see dolphins and the back of a whale, quite the experience. Also, going on this boat actually was the first time I didn’t feel scared on a boat so perhaps a small fear was conquered collaterally.


Just look at all them mountains faded in the distance…

However, the main reason you should take a boat trip is because of the scenery.  The coastline does adorn many beautiful (what I think is igneous) rock and cliffs, so actually cliff jumping could be used as a pass time (which you’ll need trust me.)

I did spend a great deal of time working out the type of coast it was and the type of wave that formed it, so my fellow geographers, there is atleast that for you to do.

So, to sum it all up, I would say that if you want an extremely quiet and unauthentic beach holiday, then feuteventura could be the place for you. However, it is worth noting that this is only one part of Fuerteventura ( Costa Calma) and there are many other places to go which could be a lot different and in some sense better.

So, if you’re like me, and what I’ve told you about doesn’t take your fancy, take a look elsewhere, who knows what other magical places you may find….







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