Cereal Killers Cafe – a unique concept

I admit, the saying ‘ the 80’s were the years fashion forgot’ is very true.

However, one thing the 80’s did have was great music and even greater toys, movies, tv shows and cereal. So, walking into a seemingly modern cafe from the outside, then being suddenly transported into a 80’s time warp with all of these things was an interesting experience indeed.

The buzzing sound of Madonna echoing through the walls and the walls themselves lined with every cereal you can imagine from Spanish weetabix to Barbie fruit loops certainly set an atmosphere.


For me, the vibe of a place has a big impact on how i view it, so walking down into the downstairs area with the music blaring and small box TV’S playing old cartoons and posters of classic movies such as clueless and honey i shrunk the kids up everywhere really hit the spot.


Not to mention, that if you wanted there was the option of sitting on typical 80’s beds with funky bed sheets on them, i guess they were trying to set the scene of an 80’s kids room, and they succeeded.


Then, the whole reason of coming here, the cereal. I never in my life thought i would be ordering a ‘cereal cocktail’ yet, there i was waiting to eat my ‘double rainbow’ with strawberry soya milk cocktail. That’s another thing, they have a huge range of milk available form dairy, to almond and soya in a variety of flavours from Oreo to honey, something for everyone!

cereal killer cafe


Or, if you want to choose your own combination of cereal and milk, you can, but i would recommend the cocktails just so you know for sure it will taste good. One other thing which i loved was after ordering, instead of getting a table number, you get a video case of a classic film for your table making the the whole experience even more authentic.

I would definitely recommend taking a visit to cereal killers cafe; it is a completely unique experience and you won’t want to leave! It is honestly such a chill and comfortable atmosphere that anyone would love! Currently they only have three cafes, in Camden, Brick Lane ( where i went) and Birmingham but hopefully they will open more soon!





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