A bit of self love

Conceded. Self righteous. Big headed. Stuck up. Or, just having self love?

Growing up, it seems my generation like the many before were always taught to never boast about self success or their looks. I always questioned this even before it become the millennial norm to celebrate ourselves; if you have worked hard for something and achieved it, why not shout it from the rooftops? If you think your makeup looks beautiful, why not post four selfies in a row?

Why is it that we can only appreciate ourselves when someone else tells us how great we are? This mindset leads to people relying on others for confidence which is always a dangerous predicament.

After all, you are the only person you are going to be with for your whole life; everyone else comes and goes but the one person who remains is yourself! This is why it only makes sense to me to try and love yourself with every essence of your being.

Often we end up feeling lonely if we’re not in a relationship or if we don’t have many friends, the only way to get over this is to realise that your own company is worth so much more than theirs. If you want to go out to an art gallery or go travelling but have no one to go with, go alone! Do not give up opportunities or things you want to do because you’re afraid of being lonely;you will learn to love yourself and learn so much about yourself.

Another thing about self love is that once you start loving yourself, you learn to stop caring what others think; if you like different music or clothes to your friends, you learn that actually it’s great because it means you’re unique and it’s something that only you can understand. More so, you begin to love your imperfections because once again, they are yours and only you can understand them, how amazing is it that you can be the only person in the entire world to understand something?!

The underlying message i want to get across i suppose is that you have a right to be selfish and love yourself, before you can even begin to love anything or anyone else, you have to love that person you see everyday in the mirror.

Lot’s of love,



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