A mini amateurs guide to Camden

Art. Crystals. Incense. Fashion. Goth. All of these things come to mind when someone says the word Camden, and yes these words may seem completely unrelated which is exactly what makes Camden such an amazing place; there is something for everyone and this is the reason Camden is always on recommended tourist guides for London; I’ve yet to see a place like it.

Whether you’re into photography , fashion, art, music, eating or even simply just sitting by a canal admiring your surroundings I hope I can convince you that Camden has something to offer you!

Firstly, street art. If Camden doesn’t have amazing street art then I don’t know where does, so if you see yourself as an avid urban photographer or simply looking for an aesthetic  trip out, get out your camera and get down here! The best thing is that most of it seems to be hidden down alley ways and in wall crevices where you’d least expect it making it all the more adventurous:






– Cloee Goes

It is also a great opportunity to practice your modelling skills if that’s an area you’re interested in and liven up your Instagram which i definately took advantage of!



Instagram: rachillli

Probably the most popular reason both tourists and locals love visiting Camden is due to the extensive amount of unique things on offer from authentic tapestry to beautiful jewellery, if you’re looking for a gift that someone has never and will never receive then look no further, even if you’re into interior design or want something to spice up your room, you should take a visit to one of the many market stalls such as this mosaic light stall, possibly the only place which does such lights:



And for all those who love a good munch Camden has a huge outdoor  food market place with a large variety to offer all of which are affordable, one of the most popular things to do is to get a Chinese box which you can fill whatever you want for £5 or if Chinese isn’t your thing, I tried nachos with salsa and guacamole from an authentic Mexican stall which was delicious and for all my vegans out there, there are multiple options such as an all vegan falafel stall and vegan Chinese buffet near the train station (or you can just go for nachos like me! Which I would definately recommend) or if you have abit of a sweet tooth, amorino ice cream proves an aesthetic option to take with its flower shapes,  not to mention the surplus of donut stalls around the place which I will definately try and visit next time I go.

And lastly, why not just sit by the canal with a pal and have a good old catchup or get on a boat for a relaxing trip or even just people watch! Although it might sound a tad creepy to do, Camden is full of such a wide range of unique and interesting characters I would imagine any writer would be utterly inspired by all the choice of complex individuals who roam there.

So, I hope you do take a trip to Camden whether you live close and just haven’t been or are planning a trip to London and are looking for an alternative to the central markets such as Notting hill and Borough  market (which are also great!)



(photographs marked by -R are taken by me)


It seems the hiatus has broken…



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