A level thoughts

It’s late at night and I’m in bed thinking. Thinking about my future, what university I’m going to end up at, what degree I’ll be doing, what job I’ll get after that degree and who I’ll meet along the way. Heavy? I agree.

Sundays always seem to bring out contemplative thoughts for some reason, maybe that’s why it’s my least favourite day.

However, before I embark on any of this I have to get through A levels and I’m barely half way through. I agree this year has gone insanely quick and it has been increidbley enjoyable however, I feel the stress building up. The frantic panicking of ‘have I done enough revision?’ ‘What is revision?’ ‘Why are they doing so much?’

One thing which stresses me out is seeing what other people are doing and comparing myself to them, one huge mistake I made last year was doing this.

So, for A levels I am not repeating this I vow to simply keep my revision and education journey to myself and see how it turns out on results day.

For my a levels I am doing geography, economics, philosophy and English literature. How are they going? Eh could be better but also could be worse.

If I’m being completely honest, a levels are not as hard as I thought they would be, I’m no smart cookie but they just aren’t (she says whilst probably getting four e’s) no really I mean, the way people were talking I thought they would be impossible however, it seems they may just may and I say this with great caution, be possible.

Another thing is that I enjoy a levels way more than GCSEs? I think it’s down to the fact I’m doing subjects I actually enjoy, I would happily keep all four onto next year but the stress would pretty much kill me so sadly one has to go and I’m really not sure what that will be at this point.

Also, I don’t have to spread between so many Subjects as I did for GCSE which is great, I’m quite happy that I haven’t dropped a subject already as so many have, I take confidence in the fact I’ve chosen subjects that I enjoy and am atleast a tiny bit capable of, who knows maybe I do know myself a little better than I thought I did.

Then, the issue of university. Ugh. I don’t want to even think about writing a personal statement; how am I supposed to convince a university to take me when I wouldn’t even take me?! However, I do realise this will be a learning curve and if there’s anything which is keeping me going right now, it is the fact that in less than a year I will be off to university where I will be independent and doing something I love in a completely new environment and I do love new environments.

I think one big thing that gets everyone through this educational process is actually eachother. We compare our exam answers after the exam with eachother and make jokes on Twitter about the questions, we open our results together and experience this whirlwind of emotions all with eachother. One thing I do during this time of year is watch YouTube videos whether that be study tips, results videos or study with me sessions,I take great comfort in this and  I actually spend more time watching revision videos than revising myself, inspirational I know! But if you’re ever feeling lonely or unsure at this time, please go and watch these videos it always helps me anyway.

Well, I guess this has been a pretty useless and conflicted blog with many howevers, however, I haven’t written a post in awhile so I thought I probably should.

Many thanks,






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