‘London through the seasons’

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of London? Well, there isn’t just one thing; London is far too complex to just think of one particular thing straight away, instead it’s kind of a collection of all the amazing places and things to do. But one thing I guess that really resonates with me is how London changes through the seasons.

During spring I think of walking through regent’s park or taking a boat ride on the serpentine at Hyde Park (although it’s extortionately priced) or even just having a Frappuccino at a table outside Starbucks looking out at the vast characters London has to offer.

Another great thing is the blooming of flowers and the trees, London always seems to be abundant with daffodils, completely ordinary yet classic, often when the leaves on the trees start to grow back I feel like I’m being reunited with an old friend, walking down the hustling and bustling Oxford street during this time is simply sublime; the trees make a perfect and beautiful canopy shading you from the sun and add to the postcard aesthetic with the contrast of the buildings.

The lake at Regent’s Park

Then you have autumn, and of course Autumn is known as the rainy  season but don’t fret, everything (even rain) can be made enjoyable in London; imagine, you’re just walking down Marble Arch with your hands full of shopping bags and a camera around your neck when a surprise shower lashes down and soaks you, one of the best feelings is running into Selfridges wet as a duck and being greeted by the many shop floors of designer bags and watches not to mention the various snacks on offer too! there’s just something so great about department stores, (probably in this case that they welcome you with warm heating to dry you from the rain) but just generally! And don’t forget all the great photo opportunities, stand with your umbrella by a red bus and you are sure to get an authentic British photograph.

And not to forget the crunching leaves which make a walk through any park serene; a true sound of joy. Also seeing the jumpers and popular scarf floor of liberty filling up gives you a warm feeling inside, not to mention all of the classic London independent coffee shops which begin to introduce all their new hot drinks.

An independent coffee shop I found near Holborn

Next, winter! Christmas is amazing in London, Liberty of London go all out with snow decorations left, right and centre, and each year the windows are designed completely differently but are always a work of art. Winter wonder land is also a great destination choice which is truly magical and ofcourse all the festive ice rinks but in particular the ice rink in front of the natural history museum which is just stunning, you will feel like you’re in an American Christmas movie (and the hot chocolate is super good!) However, my favourite thing about Christmas/winter in London is the lights put up every December down oxford street;these really are a tradition that I hope never dies out.

The last day of school before Christmas.

And finally, summer. Probably most people’s favourite season and I can see why; summer in London you would think to be busy, sweaty and stuffy, and yes it sort of is but that’s the fun of it! Being cramped on the central line where people seem to magically create space to fit on where there literally isn’t is not the best experience, but its apart of the London one nevertheless. It’s not just central London that has so much to offer but also the outskirts like Golders green park in North West London  which is one of my favourite places with its huge forest and flower garden, Richmond is also great to visit in summer with the wild deer all around.

A snap of the wildlife at Golders Green park.

Furthermore, there are a few places which stand out no matter the season,one being Holland park, it’s beautiful and tranquil no matter what time of year you go, whether that be winter or autumn where it’s practically empty and you can get the Kyoto garden to yourself due to the dull grey skies and be amongst the koi fish and peacocks, or in summer/spring where the park is busy with visitors and the side streets with the beautiful large colourful houses are perfect for taking pictures with.

Courtesy of C.Goes

One last place which everyone seems to love and it’s not hard to see why, is the south bank; the pretty city lights really put things into perspective of how big the city is and create a stark contrast with the Thames, sometimes I feel I could sit on the bank for all of eternity…

Just last night.



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