’17 things I’ve learnt after 17 years’

“Life may not be the party you hoped for but while you’re here, you may as well dance”

I was going to do a long post about birthdays; their significance and my own experience of them, maybe even include a montage of the literal hundreds of birthday cards I have, but the truth is, birthdays aren’t that meaningful or great to a lot of people. So, I decided to actually give some advice from my ‘wise’ 17 years of living on this place we call earth:

  1. Music solves everything. Simple as. Well, it may not necessarily solve everything, but it’s the greatest distraction you can have. Sad? Listen to music, happy? Listen to music, bored? You get the picture.
  2. Explore, explore and explore some more until your feet drop off. Honestly! Finding new places keeps the heart young and fills you with a kind of warmth and sense of belonging; the world was made for us to walk all over and discover; pretty much all of my best memories are when I’ve gone around London and just explored through parks and little streets.
  3. Watch TV shows! Yes, I am essentially giving you leeway to be unproductive; one thing I’ve always struggled with is when people tell you that reading is a form of escape where you form these magical connections to characters and enhance your IQ at the same time, well for an English Lit student I really shouldn’t be saying this but, I prefer a good TV show! I will never forget the way shows such as orphan black, the walking dead and pretty little liars made me feel.
  4. Things don’t always work out perfectly. Sometimes you work hard and put effort in but things just don’t go your way, the worst thing to do is become bitter over the unfairness, just concentrate your amazingness elsewhere!
  5. Take bloody selfies! Self-love is one of the most essential things for human survival; you are the only person you are ever going to be so you better learn to love yourself sooner or later and what better way than to showcase your beauty for everyone to see! (because we are all beautiful in our own unconventional ways, cliché but utterly true.)
  6. Speak your mind. Whether that be on your political views or if you think eating meat is wrong, keeping it in because it seems rude or no one else will agree will only frustrate you, you have every right to express your opinion and it keeps the mind healthy to speak out!
  7. Sometimes do rush into things, some of the best things I’ve done have been last minute decisions like choosing economics for A level, and its turned out to be one of my best subjects and by far my most favourite class, I couldn’t imagine my school experience being half as good without it.
  8. Take every opportunity that comes your way; regretting not doing something is so much worse than regretting having done it; even if you don’t enjoy it or you do end up regretting it, it will still be a valuable learning curve.

    Especially the opportunity to go to distant places and experience something new!
  9. It’s okay to be selfish. Honestly it is, you should be the one to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy! No one else is constant, only yourself so make that one happy!
  10. Don’t be afraid to branch out! Making new friends is one of my favourite things to do; everyone you meet has a story and a galaxy behind their eyes, you are bound to find at least a few whose are made from some of the same space dust as you….image.jpeg
  11. Long journeys are truly euphoric; they give you time to think, also to not think and just stare blankly off into the distance, which is hugely therapeutic so never complain about having to spend 2 hours in the car; someone somewhere (me) will be very jealous and that’s reason enough to be happy about it.
  12. Don’t stay within the constraints you’ve been brought up in; it is only by chance we’re brought up in the religions we are and have the values we do, there’s so many other things out there that may be suited to you, go find them.
  13. Technology isn’t always evil; it allows you to connect with friends and learn about the world and opens your eyes, just don’t use it in excess.
  14. There isn’t one form of intelligence; you can be the most amazing conspiracist yet be terrible at chemistry and maths, that’s okay and you know why? Because that’s you! And nothing is better than you.
  15. Not everyone wants the same things as you. And that’s okay! I used to be so confused when I found people who didn’t want to travel and always be experiencing new things, but now I realise that’s pretty normal, that most people want to be settled and I’m the odd one and that’s really okay.
  16. Aesthetics matter; don’t listen to those people who say makeup is pointless and taking artistic pictures is ‘so Tumblr’ just go for it!
    Holland Park; a favourite place found from exploring!


  17. It’s a damn long road to happiness, and anything worth living or working for is, but what can I say? C’est la vie……



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