The Barbican Conservatory….a hidden oasis

A jungle within the metropolis. That is what I captioned my last instagram post which featured deep green trees and the side of my face ( in an attempt to look a tiny bit artsy, whether that actually worked or not who knows) and to be fair, the caption was true, yes it did have aesthetic word value but that was just a bonus.

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Instagram: rachillli

When researching the barbican conservatory online, I did get pretty excited looking at all the pictures and reading about the koi fish and various plant species on show, however, I was a bit hesitant to believe it would be as great as it turned out to be. These cool places you find on London escapes ect never seem to turn out how you think they will, but in this instance, it turned out even better.

The walk up to the Barbican was particularly interesting; the area isn’t exactly famous for looking beautiful, in fact quite the opposite, a long tunnel ran from the bus stop where I got off from the number 56 bus ( which was in itself a little adventure; getting a bus you’ve never got before is part of the London experience if you are a native, its another one to add to the list!) this tunnel was like the set of a dystopian movie and the bitterly cold weather further helped depict the scene.

So when me (and a dear friend of mine) reached the centre a sigh of relief was released by us both at the sight of the large garden encased by glass, there always seems to be an added pressure when bringing someone else along with you to a place you’ve found; If it turns out to be a disappointment, its all your fault ( luckily this wasn’t the case this time!)

Walking into the conservatory itself was just a tad magical, everywhere was luscious greenery in the form of trees, plants and vines; it was exactly how I wanted it to be. In the middle of the conservatory was a spot for afternoon tea which added to the summery garden vibe, which was a nice break from this long winter!

One thing I really loved was how the plants grew on and around the concrete balconies of the building really adding individuality and character to the garden and separating it from other ones like it.


Of course, the place was filled with young people taking photographs on their cameras and phones (just like me) but this really did not take anything away from the serene and relaxed atmosphere of the place.

I guess this post has been more of an account of my day rather than a review of the conservatory but I enjoyed writing it nonetheless and I hope you enjoyed reading it, I  definitely recommend visiting this little  (actually rather sizeable) garden if you want to feel excluded from city life, want photo opportunities or just to swap  CO2 with some nice plants! It really is a good opportunity as it is free of charge and close to many transport links and you will feel like you are in a dystopian movie of your own in which the urbanised world has succumb to natures very own hands.




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